Grass Warehouse is the Leading Artificial Grass UK Supplier

When you buy artificial grass online, you want to be sure that you’re getting the best quality grass you can at the most affordable price. At Grass Warehouse, we provide customers with cheap artificial grass but make sure that you’re still receiving the best quality product combined with friendly customer service.

Whether you’re in need of pet friendly artificial grass for your outdoor space, or you’re simply fed up with maintaining your natural turf, we have an amazing range of choices to browse. There are different attributes that define the quality of your artificial grass, and we ensure every cut of our fake grass is up to the highest quality standard. In fact, all of our artificial grass ranges are manufactured in Europe by top companies and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Not sure how much artificial grass you need? Use our cost calculator

Our custom-built artificial grass cost calculator makes it easier than ever to put in your measurements and get a price for your fake grass. Unsure of the accessories you’ll need to accompany your purchase? Don’t worry, our cost calculator will automatically add artificial grass accessories to your quote depending on the ground you’ll be laying it on.

Working out the cost of your artificial grass has never been more simple, measure up your garden space then input these figures into the calculator. It doesn’t matter whether you’ve measured in metres, feet or inches, our calculator can work it out and give you the best price around.