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Asteroid 45mm Artificial Grass
Pet Group 8 Created with Sketch. Friendly
Thickness 45mm
UV Protection Group 2 Created with Sketch. 8 years
Weight 3192g

Asteroid 45mm Artificial Grass

WAS £32.99 £18.99  per m2 inc VAT WAS £23.37 £13.45  per m2 ex VAT

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Why artificial grass?

Thinking of making the switch from natural turf to artificial? Artificial grass offers a low-maintenance alternative for those who want perfect green grass with little fuss. Every roll of our artificial grass for sale is made by one of the top manufacturers in Europe, only the highest quality pieces make the cut.

We supply both home gardens and commercial properties, our ranges can be easily filtered by weight and thickness to suit usage levels. Fake grass can be used anywhere and everywhere, from a funky carpet in a children's room to the outside, for that year-round fresh green garden.

Did we mention? All of our artificial turf comes with a minimum 5 year UV protection guarantee and is weather resistant, come rain or shine! For those with furry friends or little ones, we stock fake grass that is pet and child friendly.

Our best sellers

When it comes to choosing where to get cheap artificial grass, the number of choices can be overwhelming. Our customers love our Lunar and Galileo ranges, with an average rating of over 4.5 on Trustpilot, it’s easy to see why they are our best sellers.

The Lunar 20mm range is our entry-level artificial grass, which comes with a 5 year UV protection guarantee. Our UV guarantee ensures that your grass will stay looking luscious green and protected against the rays of the sun for at least 5 years. The Lunar range combines a number of different shades of green, for that manicured yet natural looking garden. This affordable range is great for first-time buyers, once you try artificial grass, you’ll never want to go back to natural turf.

The Galileo 40mm range has a 10 year UV protection guarantee and is pet friendly, perfect for those with furry friends. At 40mm thick, the plush fake grass is soft under your feet, providing plenty of cushioning for family gardens and other high usage outdoor areas. The Galileo range combines four dazzling shades of green for an ultra-realistic look.

Both ranges come in 2m or 4m wide rolls to fit any area. You can use our handy calculator found on each product page to easily work out how many rolls you will need.

Why Grass Warehouse?

At Grass Warehouse, we endeavour to have the cheapest and most affordable artificial grass for sale in the industry, so you can have confidence in knowing that you have the best deal on the market.

Customer service is the heart of our business, our friendly team will be on hand throughout the process, from order to delivery. We even deliver the artificial turf ourselves with our fleet of vehicles, to ensure our high standards are maintained across the whole process and your artificial grass is handled correctly.

How much is artificial grass?

The cost of artificial grass depends on the range you choose, and what you want from your grass. Here at Grass Warehouse we have a great selection of products, produced by leading manufacturers, to suit your needs and budget. We work hard to secure the best prices online, and because we don't have a physical store, we can pass the cost savings onto you.

Our artificial grass starts at just £6.99 per square meter and boasts a minimum 5 year UV protection guarantee, offering exceptional value for money! Our handy calculator on each product page will help you work out approximately how much your grass will cost, based on the area being covered. It will also recommend the accessories you need for installation, so you can get a good indication of how much to budget for the whole project in one place.

What's the best artificial grass?

There are so many choices when it comes to choosing your new artificial grass, so why not start at the best?! We’re biased, but we would recommend our best selling ranges, Lunar and Galileo. It’s not just us, our customers love them too - both these artificial turfs have racked up an impressive 5 star reputation on Trustpilot!

Coming in at an affordable £6.99 per square meter, the Lunar offers exceptional value for money. This entry level grass has a 20mm pile height, great for a variety of applications including household and business use. Our Lunar turf features a realistic blend of green fibres that are weather resistant and covered by our 5 year UV warranty.

Our premium Galileo artificial grass, combines a luscious blend of four greens for maximum authenticity. The luxurious pile height of 40mm is super soft and comfortable underfoot, making it perfect for family gardens and high footfall areas. This artificial grass is covered by our 10 year UV guarantee, and is also pet-friendly and child-safe, what more could you want?!

How thick is artificial turf?

The thickness of artificial turf depends on the range you go for, where it is going to be installed and your budget. Grass Warehouse offers a variety of thicknesses from 15mm to 40mm.

Shorter pile heights offer a more professional appearance, for showrooms and light sports, like golf. Our 15mm ranges are perfect for putting greens, in fact, we have an artificial grass specially designed for this purpose! Typically, shorter pile heights are also cheaper. If you want the ‘perfectly manicured’ look then we would suggest going for a grass with a 15-24mm height.

Longer grass, with pile heights over 24mm, offers more cushioning and shock absorption, great for family gardens and high traffic areas. For a luxurious looking garden, check out our premium long grass ranges, designed for maximum authenticity.

Whatever thickness you choose, Grass Warehouse has a range of different options, so you are sure to find the perfect pile height to suit your needs.