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Eclipse 20mm Artificial Grass
Pet Group 8 Created with Sketch. Friendly
Thickness 20mm
UV Protection Group 2 Created with Sketch. 7 years
Weight 2240g

Eclipse 20mm Artificial Grass

£10.99  per m2 inc VAT £7.78  per m2 ex VAT

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Why Choose Artificial Grass for Dogs?

Artificial grass is a great low-maintenance alternative for pet owners, gone are the days where you would spend hours putting down lotion and potions and planting grass seeds to cover stained grass patches. Our cleverly designed dog friendly artificial grass has larger drainage holes than standard artificial grass, to allow for easier drainage of urine and faeces. There is no mowing required and all you have to do is hose it down every so often to removeany dirt in the pile. Artificial grass can be fitted on a number of surfaces including natural grass, sand, concrete and decking.

How Much Does Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Cost?

Here at Grass Warehouse, we stock over 70 ranges of artificial grass for dogs, all sourced from leading European manufacturers. How much is pet friendly artificial grass? Well that is up to you...we pride ourselves on having the cheapest products on the market, and have products to suit every budget, ranging from £7.99 to 31.99 per square meter including VAT.

Can I Buy Grass in Different Colours?

The grass is not always green, for those who want vibrant colours for a fun dog play area that is okay too. Grass Warehouse also stock dog friendly artificial grass in a wide range of colours; blue, white, red, purple, you name it - we have it!

Our knowledgeable team will be there to assist you along all aspects of your order, from browsing to delivery. Customer satisfaction is so important to us, that we deliver the products ourselves, so we can ensure consistently high standards. Our customers agree too, we have over 1,900 great reviews on Trustpilot. If our great reviews can’t persuade you, then perhaps our standard 5 year UV guarantee can. All of our artificial grass ranges are guaranteed to keep their colour for 5 years, minimum. Our artificial grass is also weather resistant, made to be durable and withstand any weather conditions.

If you want high quality and pet friendly grass, Grass Warehouse is the place to shop. View our artificial grass product for pets above.

What Is the Best Pet Friendly Artificial Grass?

Our experts highlight the Hestia 30mm artificial grass range as a standout pet friendly choice with outstanding value for money. With a premium, mid-height pile that’s gentle on their paws, pets love the Hestia grass range, and the even length means they can easily find their toys when playing in the garden.

As with all of our pet friendly grass products, our 30mm Hestia range features synthetic materials to prevent discolouration from urine and waste, built-in drainage holes for easily cleaning up after your pet, and an added UV protection guarantee.

Is Pet Friendly Artificial Grass Suitable for Rabbits?

Absolutely, our pet friendly grass is safe for all your furry friends including bunny rabbits and other small pets. Artificial grass is much gentler on their paws than concrete, decking or gravel and has the added bonus of withstanding all weather conditions.

Rabbits love to chew and dig by nature, so we understand why many pet owners wonder whether artificial grass will be suitable for them. Our artificial grass has been made with the highest quality materials by leading European manufacturers, designed to withstand even the most determined of bunnies! Typically pets dig due to the scent of soil, using a suitable underlay will help prevent this, acting as a natural deterrent against digging. What's more, Once your grass is installed, you will no longer need to use toxic weed killers to keep your garden looking full and healthy, much better all round.

Can You Put Disinfectant on Artificial Grass?

Pet friendly grass is not just for playing, eventually your pet will want to go to the bathroom, our artificial turf offers a safe and sterile solution. Grass Warehouse pet friendly ranges are designed with larger (yet discreet) drainage holes that carry away urine and other liquids, which should naturally keep your turf odour free.

Sometimes, your grass might need an extra wash if some animal waste is still remaining. A simple hose down with water should be sufficient, to remove dirt and dust build up. For more stubborn dirt then warm soapy water will remove stains. The easiest way to apply this is through a spray bottle, which can then be hosed down. There is no need for harsh chemicals, especially when your grass is used by pets.

Artificial grass is a low maintenance alternative, and most of the time a splash of water is enough to keep your artificial grass clean and safe. Generally speaking, animal waste will not damage or discolour your artificial grass. So there is no need to worry if you don't clean it up straight away, it won't harm your lovely new grass.