“My very honest update”

The following words may make you not want to shop with us but I believe being honest with you and giving you the full background is more important than taking your money and then explaining the issues. I know this issue is with all Artificial grass retailers both online and offline but I hope this letter shows you we care about being honest and upfront leaving the decision down to you. 



Typing this letter seems surreal, talking about a global pandemic and how it is affecting our business and its customers is just strange and really makes me step back and acknowledge how this Virus has taken control over every part of modern-day life and business.

Since the government imposed the lockdown at the end of March this year, we did not know how to react. Would this mean no deliveries? Would we be able to maintain our supply chain? Would customers still want to order? How are we going to deliver? And lastly how can we do all this safely?

We very quickly experienced a huge spike in orders, this demand has got greater and greater each day. We found ways to deliver, we resolved social distancing in the workplace with staggered shifts and we decided to take transport into our own hands and recruit a team of drivers and a fleet of vans.

We have successfully traded throughout the lockdown, continuing normal services and great communication and we want to thank all customers for choosing Grass. Warehouse, we hope you are all happy with your new gardens.



Since the lockdown started, we have been clear that it has not affected us as a business and it was business as normal. I have now taken the decision to change this update and state that Covid-19 is now affecting our business and our customers.

We have strived to offer the best levels of service and we still aim to do so but unfortunately the repercussions of the global pandemic is now having huge effects on the whole supply chain. We can see that our competitors are also having the same issues as us too and you can see that some are doing their best too in working through it.

I have taken the decision to speak directly to you and advise you what this means for artificial grass availability on a national basis and what I plan to promise you and work hard to achieve.

There are issues now with 5m wide artificial grass, this is the only area where we as a company see issues right now, this is due to there being a limited number of “5m wide” manufacturers and the demand pretty much always outweighs that width globally but with the increase in demand lately that has now made meeting demand even harder. Again, this can be seen across all other online retailers of artificial grass.

We have been speaking to the Directors of Europe’s largest manufactures and the next wave of issues will be due to the lack of raw materials which are becoming more and more difficult to acquire. This issue is going to put more pressure on the supply chain that is already under huge pressure. This year has seen almost two year’s worth of trade within the last 3 months, this has seen all resources consumed and now each and every manufacturer is searching the globe for alternative supply.



As of right now, we do not have any issues with any 4m wide artificial grass, and we don’t believe we will have either, but we need to make you aware that the global pandemic has affected your grass delivery in ways you may not understand. We have orders placed and stock to cover all existing and forecasted new orders taken until the end of July, (I will do another update on the 15th July as to where we stand then) but currently we are struggling with 5m wide orders.

 If you’ve read any of our reviews recently, I hope you have noticed 99% are positive. However, like any other business, we also get some negative reviews and unfortunately, recently, the majority of our poor reviews originate from the issues mentioned regarding 5m stock.

We have worked so hard as a company to ensure that customers get what they pay for within the time we promise but please, please understand that we are being promised deliveries from our suppliers and then let down at the last minute. This can be due to production, logistics, quality control, boarder control checks, the list really does go on but please understand we do care, we do want you to get your delivery. The issues we have seen with 5m wide has given us a huge increase in incoming calls which means some people are having to wait for 1 hour until we can to answer the call.


Please be patient we will be delivering your grass as soon as it arrives. We are a family business with family values at the core, Customer service means everything to us, but we cannot simply employ more people within the office space to answer calls as it won’t be safe. I ask that if you email us, we will answer within 24 hours. You can also use Facebook to reach us.

 I have seen some reviews calling us liars, cowboys this is really upsetting to me personally. Yes, there may be companies out there who should be branded with these names but I can assure we are not one of them. We are a business that is fighting to supply the demand and apart from 5m wide orders we are doing it successfully, we are currently delivering on average 380 orders per day and get less than 2 complaints per day.

Yes, I know waiting 14 days for delivery is a long time, but we are delivering our own orders now as the UK’s blue-chip couriers are struggling and this only results in damaged goods, failed deliveries and often lost in transport, meaning wasted time whilst it is investigated.



My promise is that all customers will get 4m orders within a maximum of 14 days delivered safely and that you will be notified of your delivery date within 3 working days, please add your mobile number and email address at basket and keep checking updates. We’re been made aware of some notifications landing in spam, so please check this also and whitelist our email, if necessary.

 We will also deliver your products well packaged and without any damage. I also promise that all existing 5m orders will be delivered within the month of June. Any new orders for 5m wide artificial grass as of 12th June 2020 there may be a wait of 4-6 weeks for this but we will always deliver and never let you down. If you need an update on your new order, please drop us an email to


Many thanks for taking the time to read this and thank you for being a customer of Grass Warehouse.


James Harper
Managing Director