Why Choose Grass Warehouse?

When you buy artificial grass online, you want to be sure you’re getting the best quality grass you can at the best possible price. You also want to know whoever you’re buying it from understands the products they’re selling and will do their best to find you the right type of artificial grass.

Here at GrassWarehouse, we believe that too, so all our artificial grass looks great and is easy to look after. It’s built to last and will give you years of use wherever it’s laid. And if you’re not sure exactly what type of artificial grass you’re after, give one of our sample boxes a try. If you’re still not sure after that, try another one until you find what you need.

Quality you can trust
Every piece of artificial turf sold by us is made by one of the top manufacturers in Europe. They’re all chosen for their tough thick base, realistic texture and natural appearance. If any of the grass isn’t the quality we expect, we won’t sell it. It’s that simple.

Service like you get in-store
Buy from us and you’ll get the same level of customer service as you do on the high street. We’ll contact you within 72hrs of you making your order to make sure you’re happy with everything and let you know what’s happening with your new artificial turf and when you can expect delivery.

Get in touch
If you’re unsure about anything, need some advice about choosing artificial grass or just want a chat, you can always call us or send us an email. We’ve also got live chat available where you can talk to a real member of staff.