Two boys playing football on an artificial grass lawn.

Are you in dire need of some garden ideas for styling artificial grass? We’re here to save the day. Artificial grass is the most recent and upcoming garden craze that will never go out of style. We want you to feel inspired, so here are 10 artificial grass garden ideas to make your dreams a reality. 


Open Space Garden Ideas

No matter if you have miles of land or a small garden, cheap artificial grass creates a glorious open space for any home. Its rich, luxurious texture adds an element of class to any garden, even with little-to-no furniture. Artificial grass is beautiful as it is, and can be enjoyed plain and simple. Perhaps edge the lawn area with some potted plants for a splash of colour.


Add a Play Area 

Imagination often comes from children or even the younger you at heart. Why not take some garden inspiration from the days of playing outside in the fresh air? If you have a tribe of little dreamers at home, add a play area to your artificial grass set up. A huge benefit of artificial grass is its bouncy, softened surface. A climbing frame, swing set, or see-saw can stand tall on your lawn without making a dent.

Not only this, but artificial grass is extremely safe for children to play on. The cushioned material makes for a comforting landing rather than a grazed knee. Kids (and adults!) can run around as much as they like without having to worry. Enjoy the garden, come rain or shine.

Looking for specific turf designed for children's play areas? Check out our Zodiac coloured artificial grass collection. 


Create Pathways

Creating pathways isn’t just about getting from one end of your garden to the other. With artificial grass, you can create measured holes in the material to make way for paving stones and slates. From dark coal to warm sand, any colour of pathway will look stunning against the bright grass. There’s no limit on shaping either! Let your designs run wild with circular stepping stones or hexagonal paths. Artificial grass suits anything; trust us. 


Let Your Pets Play

As well as having an open space for children and adults alike, if you have a furry friend then artificial grass is for you. You can go with the theme of an open-plan garden and let your pets play to their heart’s content!

It’s crucial to prioritise your pet’s safety when it comes to garden ideas, as there are certain plants that you’ll want to avoid having around. On the other hand, artificial grass is super animal-friendly. You won’t have any muddy paw prints running around the house after a long day of playing, either. Animals can’t dig their way into artificial grass, or tread their toes into the grass. Result!

Check out our dedicated collection page for pet-friendly artificial grass.


Level up With Raised Flower Beds

If you want to level up your garden with artificial grass, you can build raised flower beds. By adding height to your spectacular scene, the space will look even better. Grab some cedarwood, sand, and enriched soil to create the perfect place for flowers to grow. We recommend trying out herbs and succulents to get some practice, as they should live their best lives in your flower beds.


Display a Feature Wall

Garden inspiration can always be found on Instagram, especially as summer edges closer every year. Did you know that artificial grass can be used as a feature wall? Stand it up vertically and pin it to a wooden structure or a wall, and let the good times roll. Be prepared for it to steal the show of all your garden gatherings, as artificial grass feature walls make for ideal picture spots. 


Lay Artificial Grass Over Decking

Artificial grass can be laid down over decking, making an area of fun (or relaxation) just that little bit closer to the sun. This is a great way to transform your space without having to remove any materials, as artificial grass is supportive enough to look good on wood. Simply set down a layer of foam roller beforehand, and you’ll be good to go.

See our accessories page for all the equipment you'll need to install your new fake grass roll.


Make a Water Feature Stand Out

Picture this - the sound of trickling water, birds chirping, and a good book. Bliss. With artificial grass, you can make a water feature stand out in the garden. Place it in a corner and it won’t be overshadowed, as the emerald or jaded green will only draw more attention to it. From ponds to mini fountains, choose anything to suit your style.


Sit Under The Stars

Artificial grass is a wonderfully cozy surface for sitting under the stars. Gather some beanbags, blankets, and marshmallows. Chat the night away with your loved ones and sink into the softness of the grass. Gardens aren’t just for looking pretty, they’re for making memories too.


Make Your Bar Goals Come True

The thought of an outdoor bar is enough to make anyone excited for long nights in the garden. Well, you can actually line your bar with artificial grass! It’s the best choice rather than hardwood, as beer spills and crumbs from snacks can be washed away with a bit of water. Your outdoor bar will look brand new all year round, as it’ll always look pristine.

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