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Standard Galvanised Nails overlay-image

Standard Galvanised Nails

£6.99 was £7.99
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Hardener overlay-image


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Wet Fix Adhesive overlay-image

Wet Fix Adhesive

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Multi-Purpose Adhesive overlay-image

Multi-Purpose Adhesive

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Flexi-Bond 2 Part Heavy Duty Adhesive overlay-image

Flexi-Bond 2 Part Heavy Duty Adhesive

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Astro Cushion 15mm Underlay overlay-image

Astro Cushion 15mm Underlay

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Performance Underlay 15mm overlay-image
Thickness 15mm

Performance Underlay 15mm

£12.99 per m2 inc VAT
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Geotextile Membrane overlay-image

Geotextile Membrane

£1.99 was £5.00 per m2 inc VAT
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Performance Underlay 10mm overlay-image
Thickness 10mm

Performance Underlay 10mm

£10.99 per m2 inc VAT
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Performance Underlay 5mm overlay-image
Thickness 5mm

Performance Underlay 5mm

£6.99 per m2 inc VAT
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Ardex AF2525 Heavy Duty Adhesive overlay-image

Ardex AF2525 Heavy Duty Adhesive

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Membrane Fixing Pegs - Pack of 10 overlay-image

Membrane Fixing Pegs - Pack of 10

£3.99 was £4.99
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Astro Cushion 10mm Underlay overlay-image

Astro Cushion 10mm Underlay

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Grass U-Pins overlay-image

Grass U-Pins

£5.99 was £6.99
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Weed Membrane Suppressant overlay-image

Weed Membrane Suppressant

£1.99 was £2.50 per m2 inc VAT
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Galvanised Fixing Nails overlay-image

Galvanised Fixing Nails

£7.99 was £8.99
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Glue Cartridge overlay-image

Glue Cartridge

£8.99 was £9.99
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Joining Tape overlay-image

Joining Tape

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What accessories do I need?

All the accessories on this page can be used with Grass Warehouse artificial turf, but the specific ones you need depend on the surface and the size of the area the turf is being installed over. To make this as straightforward as possible, we have a handy calculator on each page. Simply enter the measurements of the garden and the type of surface, then it will tell you how many rolls of artificial grass you need, and the recommended accessories!

Our artificial grass accessories are suitable for domestic and commercial use. For high usage areas, we have adhesives that are moisture, weather and water resistant - talk about value for money! We also stock sturdy nails and pins, for use with timber frames or over soil to secure your grass in place. Affordable membranes can keep out pesky weeds, and deter worms, keeping your garden pristine.

Like our grass, we only choose high quality accessories that are up for the job, you can be sure that all our products are made to last. If you still aren’t sure what artificial grass accessories you need, or want to talk to one of our experts, feel free to get in touch via telephone, email or live chat!

Do I need underlay?

Using an underlay with your artificial grass is very much dependent on the area it is being installed on. We always recommend using a good quality underlay if installing on top of hard surfaces such as decking and concrete. Installing an underlay will maximise the longevity of your grass by absorbing the impact, and creating a more comfortable surface underfoot. Artificial grass underlay can also act as a barrier to weeds, to stop the odd one finding its way through the drainage holes.

Grass Warehouse has a selection of fantastic artificial grass underlays that will provide you with some much needed cushioning on top of a hard surface. We have a range of thicknesses and materials to suit every area and use. An affordable addition that can make all the difference to your artificial grass, our underlay starts at just £6.99 per square meter!

Why buy accessories from Grass Warehouse?

Aside from the fact that it’s easier to buy everything you need from one place - when buying through Grass Warehouse you can be sure that you are getting quality and excellent value for money, too!

All our accessories have been tried and tested with our artificial grass, so we know they work. When purchasing artificial grass from Grass Warehouse, why not buy everything you need from one place? Your grass and accessories will arrive at the same time, you’ll be ready to start installing your new turf straight away! Ordering through Grass Warehouse is simple and easy, we are always on hand to answer any queries you may have, and will keep you updated throughout your order. Our team works hard to source the best quality artificial grass accessories and at affordable prices - we pride ourselves on having the most competitive prices on the net!