small square artificial grass lawn with shade and sunshine

As summer approaches us at lightning speed, it’s time to get your garden in order ready for an outburst of BBQ’s and warmer, longer days. we are keen to get out into the garden to enjoy our private green spaces. However, if the garden is looking a little worse for wear or overgrown, it soon turns an enjoyable space into an unwelcoming one.

Adding artificial grass to your rear garden lawn, is the perfect way to get creative with your garden and allow your blooming ideas for your green-space to flourish. Here are some of our favourite ideas for transforming your outdoor space this summer.


Raised Areas

Variants in height in your garden add a modern touch, whilst maintaining an aesthetic appeal. You can achieve this by adding raised decking areas, which will allow your garden to have a comfortable dining section. If decking isn’t a task you want to venture into, why not add some raised artificial grass sections into your garden?

This can be achieved by creating terraced flower beds using stone and brick, for a rustic but sophisticated look. Want to know the best bit? Your artificial grass will radiate green throughout the year, no matter what the weather may be.


Open Green Space

Having open green space in your garden isn’t something you should be scared of. Your garden doesn’t need to be full of flowers and plants to look good, adding an open space of artificial turf brings an everlasting vibrant green to your outdoor space. 

It’s easy to transform an open space with the use of paving slabs, edging and building in flower beds for a splash of colour. Think about the sort of garden furniture you would like and go bold with soft furnishings such as pillows. Don’t forget to add areas of shade using parasols, awnings and trees. 


Add A Pop Of Colour

Although artificial grass provides a stunning vibrant green, when it comes to creating a space that is truly inviting and appealing to they eye, adding a hint of colour is the way to go.

Whether you’re adding potted plants and flowers to your garden to add a flourish of colour, or you’ve decided to add colour using garden furniture, perhaps consider starting with a subtle colour and adding more as you become more confident.

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