4 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Artificial Grass

When it comes to Artificial Grass, there's so many things you may not know. From draw-dropping facts to simply amazing benefits,

Drought tolerant, sustainable and evergreen, synthetic grass is sprouting up (horrible pun, we know) everywhere. Low maintenance and return on investment are a huge draw for consumers. There are a few things you may be unaware of though. it's about time you got educated on our 5 surprising things you may not know about Artificial Grass.  

Artificial Grass is Made Just Like Carpet 

This one surprises for a couple of reasons. Artificial grass is made very similar to carpet. If you think about it, artificial grass is really a type of outdoor carpet that lets water drain through. If you have purchased some before you probably noticed it is described with carpet terminology. “Pile Height” refers to the length of the blade from the backing to surface. Synthetic grass “yarn” is made up of plastic polymers In fact, a lot of it is produced in carpet factories because of its similarities to carpet. 

It's More Popular Than You Think 

While the trend is still growing in the US, artificial grass is all the rage here in the UK. A recent survey of 1,000 homeowners yielded some surprising results. More than one in four said they have traded traditional lawns for fake grass. What does that mean? Those lush green garden areas the British cultivate? They are fake. Well, at least 25% of them are. What’s even more surprising is the reason for the switch. Yard maintenance. It topped the list. Most of them said they simply do not have time to mow grass anymore - Can you blame them? 

There's So Many Options 

Artificial grass and installation comes in different varieties: in-fill, non in-fill, sports and hybrid.

  • In-fill grasses have a material added to the top to weigh the grass down and keep the pile vertical.
  • Non in-fill grasses do not need material added to the top and are pinned down.
  • Sports grass is generally longer and has an additional performance in-fill to support players running around. (These are known as 3G or 4G pitches just to catergorise them even more!)
  • Hybrid grass is a mixture of real grass that has fake grass stitched into it. 

You've Seen It More Than You May Think 

Artificial grass is very common in US stadiums where NFL games are played but it is also common at UK football grounds, with most of the top premier league clubs playing on grounds with artificial grass present.

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