Mother playing on the grass in the garden with three children.

The clocks went back in time and gained an extra hour in your life.

So, how are you going to make the best use of this free extra time?

Here are some ideas that’ll help get out in the fresh air and feeling great!


Winter breakfast in the garden
Bacon butties, croissants, pancakes and syrup – not forgetting that essential piece of fruit too! Quality time spent enjoying a morning feast in the garden with your loved ones can only be time well spent.


Morning exercise
Whilst the sun is one step ahead of your body clock, make the most the daylight. Go outdoors and get your body rocking with some awesome Yoga stretches or an aerobic workout in the garden.

Over the colder months, daily exercise releases that feel-good feeling, de-stresses brain chemicals, helps ease depression.

Morning exercise


Child’s play before school
Kick a football, rough-n-tumble play or climb onto the trampoline to get your family’s blood pumping and feeling exhilarated in the cool fresh air. Boost your family’s well-being by getting as much natural sunlight as possible.


Doggy fun before work
The nothing quite like an exciting dog chase to give you a real belly laugh, a feeling of pure joy in your heart and get everyone’s tail wagging.


Meet with friends
There’s never a better reason than to pour out the mulled wine and spark up the barbecue to bring friends together – a heart-warming invitation that no friend could refuse.

Consider artificial grass for your garden space this season and do away with the worry of muddy feet and an untidy lawn... a haven where you can eat, play and entertain!

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