Sunny back garden with trampoline on a green artificial grass lawn.

The most wonderful, safe place for any child is an artificial grass play area. In order to reduce tears, bumps, and bruises, you need to have the best surface for children to enjoy. Luckily, artificial grass is the go-to for the perfect day of play. Not only this, but the grass needs to look as pristine as possible despite the amount of crawling and running it’ll endure. Our artificial grass has got children and families in mind.

Safety is the Priority in an Artificial Grass Play Area

Of course, we want little feet to feel as comforted as possible. Whilst tiny toes are kicking footballs and playing games, our cheap artificial grass will keep the kids happy all day long. It’ll be nothing but smiles and laughter thanks to our high-quality, shock-absorbent artificial grass. It’s all fun and games when it’s literally all about fun!

There’s no Limit on Play Equipment

When choosing artificial grass for playground excitement, it’s important to note how much play equipment you’ll be placing on top of it. Our artificial grass is extremely durable, no matter how big the climbing frames are or tall the swing sets. The bigger, the better.

It’s essential to make your play area as accessible as possible for children of a variety of ages, heights, and abilities. There’s a range of play equipment that you can choose from, including trampolines, seesaws, soft play tunnels, slides, puzzles, and beyond. There’s no limit on what a child’s imagination can create from the play equipment you provide, especially with durable artificial grass.

But, won’t the equipment sink into the grass? Absolutely not. Our artificial grass has a firm yet soft surface for heavy objects, no matter the size. You can turn your play area into a winter wonderland at Christmas, or bring out the sandpit in summer. Artificial grass is your oyster!

Get Creative When Choosing Colours

Kids love anything bright and colourful, they’re drawn to touch material if it captures their attention. An artificial grass play area can bring out the curiosity that children have, especially when it represents fun. Our coloured artificial grass brings storybook tales to life, with atmospheric yellow and Zeus green. Nothing is impossible when it comes to the colours of the rainbow! Children can jump for joy on Aquarius pink or Libra grey, making them think they’re dancing across candyfloss skies and erupting volcanoes. Comfort is key, but so is personality. 

Drain the Rain Away

Play areas are no stranger to the colder weather and rainy spells. A fantastic feature of artificial grass is that the water simply washes away. Gone are the days of muddy play and sodden surfaces. You’ll never see a puddle or soggy area with artificial grass, as the grass absorbs any drips and spills that may occur. If you want to be even more cautious of wet play, you can add drainage holes to the grass. Not to worry, the kids won’t even know they’re there. 

You Can Include Adults too

Artificial grass for playground fun can also be for the parents and guardians of children too. You can extend the playground to have space for a football goal and tennis net, or anything else that comes to mind. There are no restrictions on what you can do with artificial grass, even when it comes to adults. The only struggle will be getting the families to go home and put their feet up!

Artificial Grass is Ideal for Schools and Nurseries

If you’re looking to purchase artificial grass for a local school or nursery, you’ve come to the right place. It’s crucial to uphold a good, quality reputation as a business - especially involving children. With artificial grass, your outdoor area will look as immaculate as ever, no matter the footfall. It can’t be kicked up or moved out of place during playtime, which is a win-win for staff. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up after the kids either, as the rain will wash away any mess left behind. We can’t imagine a better surface for them to play on than artificial grass.

Children’s Clothes Never Looked Cleaner

Do you know how parents dream about their child having clean clothes after a day of playing? Well, our artificial grass is everything they could ever long for. As well as the texture being super soft and extremely safe, it’s also stain-free. You heard that right. Wave goodbye to the times of grass-stained knees and green clothes. They’re a thing of the past when you have artificial grass, as it’s the future of play!

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