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Durable, long-lasting, and easy to maintain, it’s no surprise that artificial grass is rising in popularity every year.

The first UK lockdown in 2020 saw a huge surge in demand from homes across the country, with many people looking to update their gardens in order to make the most of the outdoor space they had available while isolating. In 2022, as working from home continues to become the norm, the need for a modern, inviting green space to unwind in is as important as ever.

Want to find out more on fake grass rolls for your garden, or interested in making the switch in your garden space in 2022? Our expert team at Grass Warehouse has prepared an in-depth, detailed guide on everything artificial grass, covering some of the most-searched-for topics and frequently asked questions. Scroll down to get started.


How Long Does Artificial Grass Last?

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When properly maintained and installed in the right conditions, artificial grass turf can maintain its desired effect for years to come, saving you plenty of time, effort, and money in dreaded garden upkeep over the seasons.

At Grass Warehouse, we provide only the highest-quality artificial grass rolls from leading European suppliers, helping you to keep your desired look for the long term, with minimal upkeep and maintenance required. Our ranges are also UV stabilised, guaranteed to keep their bold, natural colouring for at least five years.

Want to test the quality of our artificial turf for yourself? Visit our free artificial grass samples page and order up to four different sample cuts, delivered to your door at no additional cost.


Is Artificial Grass Suitable for Pets? 

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The right durable artificial grass roll can be the perfect solution for your pet. Fake grass is easy to clean and maintain, and removes the need for chemicals or pesticides in your garden, helping to keep your pet safe and healthy during garden play.

Most of our artificial grass ranges are 100% pet-friendly and safe. To find a suitable pet-friendly artificial grass range with us, simply look out for the paw print icon when browsing.


Can You Lay Artificial Grass on Concrete? 

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Provided the surface that you’re looking to lay your artificial grass roll onto has been properly prepared - meaning that it's smooth, clean, and level - it's easy to roll and install onto a suitable concrete base. Allow your grass to settle for a few hours once rolled out, giving it a chance to remove any creases before fitting.

You’ll find a specific section on installing fake grass on a concrete area in our detailed guide - as well as instructions for sand and stone bases, and information on how to join two pieces of grass together in large areas.


How To Clean Artificial Grass

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To clean up spills on your artificial grass, start by mopping up the mess with a cloth or towel, before scrubbing with some washing up liquid and warm water. You can use a cloth or brush on the individual fibres before rinsing with cold water.

Weedkiller isn't necessary as it is with a traditional lawn, but you might decide to apply a couple of times a year to prevent wildflowers and weeds from growing through the membrane, depending on the surface your roll is installed on. Leaves and other general dirt can be easily removed with a broom, rake, or leaf blower.


How Much Does Artificial Grass Cost?

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Artificial grass varies in price depending on the quality and range that you’re interested in. Our high-quality budget artificial grass ranges start at around £9 per m2. You’ll also need to factor in the space you’re looking to upgrade, as gardens of course come in a range of different shapes and sizes.

We’ve put together a handy artificial grass calculator to help you get an instant quote on how much your new garden upgrade will cost, as well as the accessories and tools you’ll need to get the job done properly.


Artificial Grass with Grass Warehouse

Ready to get started with your modern garden upgrade? Browse all ranges and find the perfect style to suit your outdoor space.

Have a question or query about artificial grass that hasn’t been answered in the above guide? Visit our FAQ page for more frequently asked questions about artificial grass, or check out our blog section for more guides and ideas.


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