Jack Russell Terrier lying on back on an artificial grass lawn.

Your family pets spend the majority of their time exploring in the garden, so it's more than obvious that you want to ensure that they're safe and happy when doing so.  As well as wanting to ensure your furry friend is A-okay, artificial turf as so many benefits to your family life too. Not only are you guaranteed a stunning green lawn all year round, you have more time to spend with your family, pets and friends and less time maintaining your turf. 

Here's our top 5 benefits of artificial grass for your family pets... 

1. No more dry/dead patches 

Your garden is essentially your pets very public toilet and understandable, overtime urine can really effect the condition of your real grass. When it comes to artificial grass, you'll never have to deal with grass discolouration or dry/dead patches due to this. Your pets can go potty no bother on their artificial turf. 

2. Tough & Durable 

Of course dogs, cats and rabbits love to dig, but this can leave a natural lawn a patchy, muddy mess. With artificial grass, your pets can play to their heart’s content without any damage to your garden, and no more muddy paws in the house!

3. No more harmful chemical

For pet owners there are always concerns that animals will eat something they shouldn’t! However, once you have fake grass installed, you will no longer need to use any pesticides, weedkillers or fertilisers to keep your lawn looking healthy, so you’ll know your garden is safe. 

4. Low maintenance 

One of great things about synthetic grass is that it requires so little looking after, a quick brush up now and then is all that’s needed, so you’ll have more time to get outside and enjoy your garden with your pets. 

5. Easy to clean 

Another huge advantage of artificial grass for pet owners is that there is no need to worry about stains or discolouration when your dog or cat goes to the toilet. Trulawn is permeable, so pet urine will simply drain through and faeces can be easily removed, then just rinse the area down with soapy water.




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