Three beanbags on indoor artificial lawn floor.

Bring The Outside, In with Indoor Artificial Grass

When you think of artificial grass, your mind may instantly think of school football fields or residential gardens, however, artificial grass can be used in more locations than you may think, have you ever considered using artificial glass indoors?

If you have, then great minds think a-like, but if you haven’t then let us educate you on the ways that artificial grass can be used to create an indoor space that feels like you’ve brought a touch of the outside in.


Design The Ultimate Chill Out Space

Creating a secret chill out space in your home is everyones dream, right? A space where you can truly unwind and unconnected from the rest of the world is a true dream come true. Why not transform your spare room or garage into the ultimate chill out space?

Using artificial grass is the perfect escape in your chill-out room. What’s more idyllic than having the feel of grass under your feet in the comfort of your own home. Believe it or not, many offices have installed artificial grass in their offices for this reason, to aid in relaxing their employee’s when feeling stressed. For that reason alone it’s perfect for rooms that are regularly used for meetings or brainstorming sessions.


Children’s Indoor Play-area

Artificial grass is ideal for indoor use not only because it is uses environmentally friendly raw materials but it’s UV resistant so it will preserve its colour for years, What’s more, its super durable, soft under foot and easy to clean, ideal for indoor play rooms and creating a safe space for your children. In fact, maintenance is very minimal with it just requiring a hoover, but unlike normal carpet, you can simply wipe away any spillages, which makes it perfect for indoor play areas. No more stained carpets to scrub!

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