Garden pergola silhouette with light firework explosions behind.

Bonfire night is upon us and you’ll be surely wishing to celebrate either in your own back garden or at a public display.

If you are thinking about holding your own Bonfire Night firework display, then naturally it is essential to ensure that you take adequate measures to ensure the safety of your family, pets, property and artificial lawn.

Numerous homeowners have made the switch from real turf to artificial grass in recent years and if you are one of those that have, you’ll need to be aware of the damage that may be caused to your lawn during your own Bonfire celebrations.


Don't Let Off Fireworks on Artificial Grass

Simply put, you should never light fireworks on an artificial lawn. Even though your artificial grass won’t catch fire, any sparks will be hot and will smoulder, and potentially melt the fibres on your lawn.

Be aware that fireworks can travel in any direction once lit regardless of how much you try to stabilise their trajectory and may end up landing on your lawn and causing grass fibres to melt.


Don't Position a Bonfire on or Close to Your Artificial Lawn

Any type of fire must be kept clear of your artificial grass lawn to prevent long lasting damage happening and it would be a shame to cause any melted patches.


Keep Sparklers Away From Artificial Grass

Bonfire night wouldn’t be the same without sparklers but did you know the temperature of a sparkler can be up to 1600°C!?

By nature, sparklers give off plenty of ‘sparks’ and even the burnt-out metal rods still remain hot enough to melt the fibres of artificial grass for several minutes.

The good news is all artificial grass from Grass Warehouse is fire retardant and will not catch fire. Should your lawn inadvertently become damaged this Bonfire night, it is possible to repair the afflicted area by cutting it out and re-patching. However, as artificial grass is made in batches, there may be a slight colour mismatch.

Anyone who has made good investment in artificial grass doesn’t need to forfeit their fun – attend your nearest public firework display, enjoy the bonfire and sparkler away!


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