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There are often common ideas surrounding the question 'is artificial grass bad for the environment?' and whether or not it is harmful to wildlife. There are many different points to consider when thinking about how artificial grass can actually be beneficial to us. Below we will highlight certain points on how artificial grass can have a positive effect on our environment and how it can make our lives easier.

Is artificial grass bad for the environment?

Less Maintenance

As artificial grass does not grow, it requires little maintenance in terms of having to mow your lawn, resulting in you not having to purchase lawn mowers or garden appliances. This is better for the environment as it is producing less materials such as plastic that are used in the manufacturing of lawn mowers. It also saves on electricity, or the fuel required to run a garden appliance, saving you money on energy and giving you a better carbon footprint.

Natural grass can become dry and damaged if lacking enough water, you will not be required to use a water hose on your artificial lawn. This will save you money on your water bill and will reduce possible contamination of ground water from it coming into contact with pesticides.


Your new artificial lawn will be weed free – weeds are not able to grow through artificial grass, therefore you won’t have to use pesticides as you would do with a natural lawn. This protects wildlife as your lawn will never be toxic to living creatures. 


Some people may argue why artificial grass is bad because it is made of synthetic materials which produces more non-biodegradable waste, however your artificial lawn will be long lasting giving you a perfect lawn for many years to come. Over time, not having to maintain your grass with using lawn mowers, sprinklers or using pesticides will outweigh any negative effects that the production of artificial grass has on the environment, reducing energy waste and creating less pollution.

Is artificial grass expensive?

Artificial grass is great value for money, the cost of your new lawn will depend on the type of artificial grass you choose as there are different ranges of budget and luxury turfs available. 

Better quality artificial grass will cost more than a budget version; it is a good idea to spend more for a good quality product and have your artificial lawn last as long as possible, resulting in less wastage as you won’t need to renew your lawn for longer, plus saving you money in the long run.

You can get up to an 8-year guarantee (dependent on product chosen) on your new artificial lawn here at GrassWarehouse, ensuring your investment will stand the test of time.

Is artificial grass pet friendly?

Artificial grass will not harm your animals; however, our pet friendly ranges feature more efficient drainage, ensuring that when your pet goes to the toilet that any liquids will be able wash away easily. As with a natural lawn, we would not recommend letting pets to go the toilet on the lawn, least we appreciate that accidents do happen!

Your pet will love the feel of artificial grass, it is soft to the touch and is ideal for a safe outdoor space for your pet to play in. Your lawn will also be mud free if it rains, which means no muddy paws in your household.

Is artificial grass for me?

You may consider the pros and cons on why artificial grass is bad for the environment and weigh up the best choice between a real or artificial lawn for you and your family. If you require a low maintenance lawn all year round, that is safe for pets and will stand the test of time in your garden, then artificial grass is a great option to consider.

Ordering samples is an efficient way of deciding which type of artificial grass will suit your home. Here at GrassWarehouse we offer free samples of all our products, you an order up to 4 samples, delivered straight to your door within a few working days. Check out our wide range of cheap artificial grass.

If you require any more information or are ready to order your new artificial lawn, get in touch with one of our friendly customer services advisors today via email or phone 0330 094 5455.

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