Gardening gloves lying on a green artificial grass garden lawn.

Artificial grass surprisingly has lots of different uses. This article will explore the different ways and reasons why artificial grass can be used in a home, in a workspace and how it can be used for pets and children’s needs. Artificial grass does make life easier for lots of people who do not enjoy garden maintenance or people who are not able to maintain a natural lawn.

Ideal for home gardens

Using artificial grass for home gardens is probably the most obvious and popular reason for purchasing artificial grass. The reason why so many home owners turn to using artificial grass in their gardens, is because modern artificial grass looks extremely realistic and it is an easy way of ensuring your vibrant green lawn always looks perfect. However, artificial grass isn’t just for outdoor use, it can also be used as indoor grass.

Ideal for pets

Artificial grass can be used as indoor grass for pets and small animals, as the artificial grass can be in pet cages or pet runs, to give your pet an indoor-outdoor feel. The use of artificial grass with pets is becoming more popular, as pets respond well to artificial grass and they take to it like do with natural grass. You don’t need to worry about your pet ‘doing their business’ on an artificial lawn, as artificial grass is easy to wash and you can also apply disinfectant to the grass to ensure all the nasties have been washed away.

It can be used on balconies and terraces

Using artificial grass on a balcony is an example of using indoor artificial grass at home, because a balcony is classed as an extra room of a house or flat. Artificial grass is particularly brilliant for balconies and terraces as natural grass is unable to grow on a balcony, so artificial grass really solves the issue of not being able to add grass to a balcony. People who don’t have gardens love the idea of using artificial grass on their balcony, as it creates a ‘garden like’ outdoor area.

Ideal for schools and nurseries

Schools and nurseries love to use artificial grass on their outdoor areas, this is because artificial grass is low maintenance, so schools and nurseries do not need to hire gardeners to maintain the grass. It is also important to note, artificial grass is very safe, the reason is because weeds, thorns and poisonous mushrooms do not grow on artificial grass. Therefore, switching from natural grass to artificial grass will help to lessen a risk of a child getting injured from playing outside.

Useful for sports surfacing

Indoor artificial grass is usually used for sports surfacing. This is because sometimes some indoor sports centres need artificial grass for football games. Some footballers prefer to play on artificial grass because some types of artificial lawns are sprung, so it is better for the people who run around on the pitch joints and ankles. An artificial lawn is also a smoother surface than a natural lawn and this itself is something that athletes really appreciate. If you are an owner of a sports centre, then artificial grass is really good investment as it is highly durable and the artificial grass is easily replaced if over time it gets worn out.

Ideal for the hospitality industry

In business people have to cut costs where they can, in order to make a decent profit. Some business owners switch to using artificial grass in their commercial premises such as: hotels, golf resorts, restaurants and health clubs because artificial grass is a long-term cost-effective investment. The reason why artificial grass is cost effective on a long-term perspective, is because a business saves money on garden maintenance fees such as mowing the lawn and water fees from constantly sprinkling natural grass to ensure it stays a bright green colour.

It can be used in a garage

Lots of homeowners particularly in urban areas are converting their garages into a room. This is a way of incorporating indoor artificial grass into a home. Artificial grass is ideal for garage conversions as some people like to play virtual golf in their garages or some people like to create an indoor-outdoor bar with a garden like vibe. Depending on the size of your garage, artificial grass can also be used In a garage to create a small football pitch, this is especially ideal for football fans or people who are looking to add a fun factor to their garage.

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