Front garden with small triangular patch of artificial grass.

Your front lawn is the first impression anyone will ever make upon your home, therefore, you want it to be a good one. Artificial Grass can offer that ‘wow’ factor you’ve been searching for when it comes to having that perfect suburban front lawn. Here’s our top 3 ways to use artificial grass to transform your front lawn.


Make The First Impression Count

You only get one chance to make a first impression, so make it count! An aesthetically pleasing front garden is sure to have any visitors or neighbours stunned by your vibrant green lawn.Transforming your front lawn is more than easy with artificial grass. Whether your front lawn is big, small or awkwardly shaped an artificial lawn is easy to install and even easier to maintain throughout the years.

Visitors are sure to find lush green artificial grass far more inviting than an overgrown front garden or a dull, patchy lawn.


Improved Drainage

The advantage of artificial grass in the UK is that you will no longer have a saturated front garden lawn, which is especially a problem if the soil in your garden has a high clay content or is heavily compacted. By removing the existing soil and installing a permeable sub-base, your drainage issues will become a thing of the past. 


Reduced Allergies

For many hay fever sufferers, the months of April to July can be a difficult time of the year. With the air thick with pollen, the resulting continuous sneezing and itchy eyes can make you feel like the misery will never end.

By mowing the lawn, you’ll be releasing the pollen in the grass and spreading it here, there and everywhere. But with artificial grass you can ditch the lawnmower and relax, safe in the knowledge that you’ll no longer need to endure the living hell that is mowing your lawn.

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