Summer garden with plants in foreground.

With summer being right around the corner, it’s time to think of garden ideas for your home. Now’s your chance to make your outdoor space ready for the sunshine-filled days of BBQs and lounging around. Here are some fantastic ways to prepare your summer garden in advance:

Check Your Tool kit

Before you make any changes to your summer garden, it’s essential to check your tool kit. Of course, you can’t go wrong with a trusty garden fork and spade. You’ll need a watering can or hose, gloves and plenty of enthusiasm. Even if you have a minimalist garden, it’ll make your life a lot easier by having the basic tool kit necessities.

Remove Unwanted Weeds

When it comes to preparing your garden for summer, it’s a no-brainer to rid the soil of unwanted weeds. If you want to take up the mischievous growers, you must dig them up from the root. Be careful not to hack away at their leaves or roots, as you’ll continue to spread their seeds and will make them grow even more. By using a garden spade or hoe, delicately remove the weed from the soil. No pest, no problem!

Choose Your Plants

Choosing your plants is an extremely fun and productive way to make a start on your flourishing summer garden. Imagine all the beautiful bursts of colour across your garden with towering sunflowers and petite petunias. Pop down to the local gardening centre and buy some seed packets, or have a look through gardening magazines and pick your plants. 

Build Raised Beds

A wonderful way to add elements of height to your garden is to build raised beds. Not only will your garden seem bigger than it is, but your plants will have a homely space to grow in. 

For building raised beds, we highly recommend using cedarwood. It’s naturally rot-resistant, meaning that your beds will look pristine for as long as possible. As time goes on, the constant water and moisture from the plants can make the beds look faded. This is why cedarwood is the best option, as it can resist moisture for longer. Don’t forget to strategically build raised beds in certain areas of your garden too, as your plants will need a balanced amount of sunlight and shade!

Install Decking in Your Garden

One of the most popular garden ideas when it comes to the season of sunshine is installing decking. Lapping up the long summer days is much more luxurious with a dedicated area for drinking coffee in the morning and eating with the family. 

Installing decking is much simpler than it seems. Composite decking is the go-to, as it’s recycled plastic mixed with wood fibres yet looks like solid, natural wood. Also, it’s less likely to become infested with insects and unwanted guests. 

Make a Pathway

Make a pathway with cobblestones, pieces of leftover wood or slates to create a walkway. If you don’t feel the need to have a specific way to travel across your garden, a pathway also adds character and an extra pop of colour to your space. 

Think of all the Food

Summer garden ideas don’t just end with growing plants - why not eat them? Think of all the food you can grow in your garden. Start with herbs to throw in home recipes, and build your way up to fruit and veg. People often say that growing your own food is therapeutic and cost-effective.

Add a Water Feature

When you add a water feature to your garden, it becomes a much more peaceful area. From small flowing fountains to ponds, you can add a water feature to any available space. Even if you don’t have a big area to use, having a small water feature at the side of your garden will make all the difference. 

Bring in Wildlife

If you’re an animal-lover, a garden is a great way to bring wildlife to your back door. Birdbaths and feeders will encourage small birds to pay regular visits to your garden, which is great for watching them soar! If you have a pond, you can make it a home for Carp and other fish too. 

Hang Solar Lights 

Hanging lights across your garden fence or within shrubs will give it a whole new aesthetic once the evening creeps in. Solar panel fairy lights are a stunning way to add some sparkle to the area, which are eco-friendly too. Watch them twinkle or set them to stationary, they’ll light up the garden either way.

Pressure Wash Your Patio

Preparing your garden for a sunny summer should include pressure washing your patio (if you have one). It’s very easy for patios to become filthy due to all the weather, dirt and dust in the air. By using a pressure washer, you can easily blast away the cobwebs of the winter and get ready for the brighter days in your garden.

Lay Artificial Grass

The best way to prepare your garden for summer is to lay artificial grass. Naturally beautiful, no fade and constant colour, artificial grass will make your garden perfect no matter the season. Its cushioned surface, natural look and soft texture make it a winner for garden lovers. Laying artificial grass will save you so much time when it comes to preparing for summer every year, as you won’t need to cut it. It practically takes care of itself.

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