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So, you’re thinking of getting artificial grass, but you don’t know whether is it suitable for dogs and other pets? Well you have come to the right place. Grass Warehouse is one of the UK’s leading artificial grass suppliers, and our knowledgeable team have put together this handy article to explore artificial grass and it’s usage for furry pet friends.

Grass Warehouse’s luscious artificial grass is sourced from top European Manufacturers, only the best products make the cut. Our pet friendly ranges are specifically designed for homes with animals, and it is often safer than natural grass which people tend to laden with chemicals to try and keep it green and neutralise animal urine. 

Artificial grass is suitable for all pets, including dogs, cats and other small animals such as rabbits and guinea pigs. Let’s explore further about what makes our high-quality artificial turf suitable for animals. 

Dogs Playing on Artificial Grass


Artificial Grass for Dogs

Man’s (and Women’s) best friend, dogs. No home is complete without a lovable four-legged friend, and all the joys they bring - including urine burn! Typically the high acidity content in dog’s urine can permanently burn natural grass, resulting in brown patches that never seem to go away, no matter how many times you sprinkle neutralising granules. The good news is that our artificial grass for dogs has been produced with larger drainage holes, to allow urine to pass through and the plastic fibre composition means it does not suffer from urine burn. 

Typically, fake grass for dogs is laid over a netting or sand layer on top of soil or concrete. As this soil layer is protected, your dogs are less likely to get muddy paws - this is a big bonus in our books. Did you know that most dogs dig because they smell soil? Again, as the soil is removed from the equation, artificial grass can act as a deterrent for dogs to dig in your garden.

Artificial grass for dogs is highly versatile, it doesn’t have to be used just in the garden. Our previous clients have used our products in doggy day care centres, dog cages and playrooms. We stock a range of thicknesses that are soft under your dogs paws, providing a comfortable and durable surface for them to play on. You could also use your fake grass for dogs as something of a statement piece, Grass Warehouse stock a number of bright funky colours that will bring life to any area it is installed in. 


Cleaning up Your Dogs Business

With artificial grass for dogs, cleaning up their business is easy. As we previously mentioned, all of our pet friendly ranges have been specifically designed with large drainage holes. When your dog goes for a number two, let it dry then you can pick it up safely and dispose of it the normal way. Urine and slodgy (sorry) poos can be hosed down, or you can use a suitable diluted disinfectant for extra sanitisation. Voila, a nice tidy garden where your animal and human friends can walk around safely, without the fear of stinky shoes.


Artificial Grass and Rabbits

Fake grass is not just for dogs, it also makes a stylish and comfortable addition to rabbit runs. We recommend using offcuts from your lawn, as a cost effective way to give your rabbit run a nice finishing touch, so they don’t miss out!


Rabbit on Artificial Grass

We're sure you are asking yourself - artificial grass and rabbits...but what about grazing, won’t they pull the grass fibres out? Grass Warehouse only stocks high quality artificial grass, our premium pet friendly ranges are designed to last, and have been produced with this in mind from the placement of fibres to the finishing techniques. The large drainage holes allows for quick drainage, your rabbit’s run will stay nice and dry.

Our thicker pile heights provide plenty of cushioning so not going to hurt their feet, your rabbit can happily run around on their specially designed fake grass for rabbit runs. You can also use our multi-coloured artificial grass if you wanted to jazz up your rabbit run.

Why Dogs and Other Pets Love Artificial Grass

With all these great benefits, it's easy to see why dogs and other pets love artificial grass, in addition to their humans!

Our fake grass for dogs and fake grass for rabbit runs, feels just like real grass. The high density grass fibres, hybrid blend of greens and high quality materials lend to its ultra realistic appearance.

A firm favourite with dogs is that no lawn mower is required! Your low maintenance artificial grass will always stay at the same height, simply fluffy it up every so often by brushing it. A consistent height allows your pets to play around and find their toys with ease, encouraging them to spend more time out in the garden.

The ease with which pet friendly artificial grass can be cleaned, with either water or a diluted disinfected provides a safe and sanitary environment. You don’t need to worry about your artificial grass and rabbits or other pets consuming toxic chemicals.

If you’re thinking of purchasing artificial grass for your pets, then we definitely recommend one of our pet friendly grass products. Grass Warehouse has sourced the top quality pet friendly artificial grass that is suitable and safe for your four-legged friends. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact our friendly team via phone, email or live chat, we will be happy to help you!

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