Child's bedroom with wooden furniture and fake grass flooring.

Artificial grass can be utilised in a huge variety of different ways for garden, home, and even commercial use. Even we are often pleasantly surprised with the ways that our customers can use artificial grass to go above and beyond with their imaginations. Synthetic grass doesn't only have to be for your front or back yard - it can be utilised inside your home, gym, office space, or even as an accented feature at an event or party. Artificial tuf can fully transform spaces into luxurious and functional areas.

Interested to find out more on how artificial grass can be used in innovative and inventive ways? Check out our quick guide on 4 unique ways to use artificial grass.


Transforming Your Office Space 

From first impressions to a relaxing atmosphere, artificial grass can add the “it” factor to any office space. Think of how many times you’ve walked into an office and thought about how mundane it looked. By adding a fresh and updated look to a lobby or conference room, you’re showing potential prospects, clients, and your staff that you care for the appearance of your company. Why delay the change of a generic office space when you can enhance the aesthetic appeal of your organisation with artificial grass!

artificial grass flooring in office space

Quirky Home Interiors 

There's so many ways you can use artificial grass to add a quirky design element to your home. As Summer is slowly starting to show its face, why not use extra strips of artificial grass and create a table runner for your garden parties or barbecues? If a table runner isn't your thing, then way not transform your front doorway with an artificial grass doormat? Add a pop of colour and a conversation piece right before your guests even step inside. 

Artificial grass used as table runner.

Children's Play Area & Bedroom 

You can turn your garden into a year-round play area by replacing the lawn with artificial grass; it provides a soft surface underneath climbing frames, slides and swing sets and won’t get muddy, even when it’s been raining.

Or why not create a themed bedroom that your child will love? There are lots of ways to incorporate artificial grass into popular themes to transform your children's bedroom into something truly special. You can create anything from animal themed bedrooms, football themes bedrooms, or simply use artificial grass as a money saving alternative to carpet. 

Artificial grass floor in children's play area.

Transform Your Garden Furniture 

They don’t call it ARTificial grass for nothing, you know. Give your garden furniture a modern, artistic twist by covering it with artificial grass. Comfortable and low maintenance, it can be left out in the garden and cleaned by rainwater to save you time and it will dry quickly so you can get back out there to relax once the rain has abated. 

Artificial grass garden furniture

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