Chocolate Labrador lying down on grass in a park.

It is safe to say that in Britain we are a self-confessed nation of animal lovers, but we are also a nation that likes to take care of our gardens. Some homeowners have to make the decision to prioritise their pets over their gardens or the gardens over their pets, but no prioritising is needed because this article is full of helpful reasons on why artificial grass can be used in pet friendly gardens and outdoor areas.

Pets easily take to artificial grass

Artificial grass and pets are compatible as pets do not turn their noses up at artificial grass, they probably do not notice any difference between artificial grass and a natural lawn. Dogs in particular may enjoy rolling around on artificial grass, because the grass is so soft and it is almost like an outdoor carpet for dogs to enjoy playing around on. However, artificial grass isn’t only ideal for dogs, cats and other small animals may also take to the grass as if it is natural grass.

Artificial lawns are generally safer than natural lawns

If you are looking to make your garden safer for your pets to play around in, then artificial grass and pets really work well together, as it ensures that your pet is safe whilst walking on the surface of the grass. The reason why artificial grass is particularly safe for small animals to walk upon is because there are no thorns or nasty weeds in an artificial lawn and there is also no opportunity for poisonous mushrooms to grow on the surface of the artificial lawn.

You can wash artificial grass

If your pet has a habit of going to the toilet on certain areas of your lawn, not to worry because artificial grass can be cleaned and any stains or smells can be removed from the surface of the lawn, or it can just be treated like a natural lawn and be left for the rain to wash away any unwanted liquids from the grass.

It is also important to know that some artificial grass retailers offer pet friendly ranges have been specifically designed with large drainage hole, so when your dog goes for a number two, you can let it dry then you can pick it up safely and dispose of it as you normally would. Urine and softer poos can be hosed down, or you can use a suitable diluted disinfectant to keep your lawn extra clean. However, it is unlikely that a dog or a cat will do their business on an artificial lawn, as they usually prefer soil or pebbled areas to use as their toilet.





Artificial grass is highly durable

It really doesn’t matter if your pets have a rough and tumble on an artificial grass lawn, as artificial grass and dogs seem to be an equal match in sturdiness and durability. It really is unlikely that a dog will be able to destroy an artificial lawn, as artificial grass is very similar to natural grass and it will still hold its shape if it gets trampled on.

You don’t need to worry about cutting the lawn

Particularly if you are the owner of small animals, it is very important to ensure all pets are away from the lawn whilst lawn-mowing and garden maintenance is taking place, as unfortunately garden maintenance tools can sometimes be life threatening towards pets. This is where artificial grass and pets are a good match, if you are the owner of artificial grass, you will never need to cut the lawn and therefore you will never need to worry about accidentally putting your pet’s life at risk, the use of artificial grass in a garden sounds like a no brainer for many caring pet owners.

The loud noises that lawn mowers and general gardening equipment make, can cause a pet high levels of anxiety, so artificial grass is ideal for pet owners who have particularly anxious pets.

Final thoughts

Artificial grass suits all types of gardens and outdoor areas. Owning a pet isn’t a reason to stop yourself from investing in luxurious and sturdy artificial grass. Artificial grass can even be used in dog cages and any other type of animal cage, so if anything artificial grass can be used for various purposes regarding pets. The installation of artificial grass is quick and simple, so once the artificial grass has been laid, your dog or cat will be able to run around and enjoy playing on the new lawn in no time.

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