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Galileo 42mm Artificial Grass
Pet Group 8 Created with Sketch. Friendly
Thickness 42mm
UV Protection Group 2 Created with Sketch. 8 years
Weight 2657g

Galileo 42mm Artificial Grass

WAS £29.99 £13.99  per m2 inc VAT WAS £21.24 £9.91  per m2 ex VAT

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Our Family Choice

Is 50mm artificial grass thick fake grass?

Yes, it is extremely thick. In fact, 50mm artificial grass is one of the thickest and most deluxe artificial grasses we stock at Grass Warehouse. 

As the UK’s most trusted grass supplier, we believe that thick fake grass works wonders. Its dense but soft fibres are incredibly inviting and create a dream-like experience underfoot.  You will find that the density and stitch rate of our 50mm range is much higher than other suppliers which indicates that it is truly top-quality stuff. The thickness and bounceback of this grass provides a cushion-like feel and its soft texture is unmatchable. Not to mention, the thickness of the grass comes with a compact base which makes it durable and reliable. So, no matter what mischief Mother Nature causes, we guarantee your new lawn will stand the test of time.

Why should I buy 50mm artificial grass?

That’s a very good question. Our 50mm range is extremely popular with customers who want an elegant and fuller look in their garden space. Its lush pile height makes it the ideal choice for families who spend lots of time outdoors with friends, family and children. We know how important it is to feel comfortable and peaceful at home, which is why we pride ourselves on providing soft and thick fake grass

All of our turfs arrive with a UV guarantee, ensuring your new lawn for up to 10 years of fun in the sun! You’ll even notice some of our range are totally pet-safe too, because we care about your furry companions just as much as you do. 

If you’re not already convinced this is the grass for you, perhaps you should take a look at our enticing prices. We believe you shouldn’t have to splurge for your dream garden, which is why our prices are exceptionally affordable.

Is 40mm or 50mm artificial grass better?

At Grass WareHouse, we offer the UK’s best-selling, pet-safe 40mm artificial grass. Seriously, our customers love it! Our range of 40mm turfs are budget-friendly and their quality is never questioned. If you want something slightly more premium, 40mm grass could be the way to go. It is strong, reliable and has beautifully stitched soft fibres to make it look like the real thing. 

If your eye is drawn towards more luxurious things in life, our range of 50mm artificial grass might be up your street. Its comfortability is second-to-none due to the thick fibres and high stitch rate. Whether you just want to sit and admire your new lawn or sunbathe in the warm breeze, this premium grass is guaranteed to make you smile. 

Whatever you choose, we always recommend purchasing an artificial grass that best suits your needs.

Where can I buy cheap artificial grass?

At Grass Warehouse, we are the UK’s most trusted artificial grass supplier. Our mission is to give you your dream article lawn, without any fuss and without breaking the bank. Not only this, but the quality of our grass is top notch!  All our grass is sourced from one of the best manufacturers in Europe and the quality is truly outstanding. That’s why we love to rave about our prices! We pride ourselves on customers trusting our business and getting value for their money.

But the value doesn’t end once you purchase your new lawn! We recognise the concerns around a company’s reputability when it comes to post-purchase care which is why we offer an attentive after-sales process and a UV guarantee. No matter your concern, our expert team is here to help you transform your living space into a luxury haven.