Don’t worry about the great British weather - our fake grass underlay allows water to pass through whilst providing extra cushioning. A high-quality underlay can make all the difference to your artificial grass, and we have a range of products to suit all budgets, starting at just £1.99 per square meter!

Do I need underlay under artificial grass?

We always recommend using a high-quality underlay, such as the ones we have available in our online shop, as it can make all the difference in the look and feel of your new artificial grass. Underlay smooths any imperfections underneath, to ensure you have an even looking lawn, and maximises the lifespan of your grass.

Artificial grass foam underlay is a must have when installing artificial grass over hard surfaces such as concrete, tarmac or decking. The lightweight spongy material will provide some much needed cushioning, so you can roll around (or walk on) your artificial grass to your heart’s content.

What is the best underlay for artificial grass?

When choosing the best fake grass underlay it depends on the surface the grass is being installed over, and the amount of traffic the area is exposed to.

If you are installing your artificial grass over soil or natural turf, then a basic geotextile membrane offers an inexpensive solution to keep pesky weeds and other unwanted plants from popping through, so your garden stays perfectly manicured all year round.

For installation over hard surfaces we recommend a spongy Artificial grass foam underlay. Made with the latest shock absorption technologies, the underlay absorbs impact, making it perfect for family gardens, sport-lovers and commercial premises.

With poor drainage areas, such as decking and concrete, Astro Cushioning underlay provides a great solution. This soft and bouncy underlay is made with chunks of foam that allows for passage of water, quickly draining away water.

What are the benefits of underlay?

There are many great benefits of using a high-quality underlay, which is why we always recommend it! A high-quality underlay is a relatively inexpensive way of ensuring your artificial grass withstands the test of time. It improves the feel of the grass underfoot, as it conceals ridges, bumps and other imperfections.

The cushioning provided with spongy underlays decreases the risk and likelihood of injury from a fall, as it absorbs the shock - watch your children happily run around on their new grass worry-free. The cellular structure of spongy underlays also assists in better drainage of water, to prevent a soggy garden!

How do I prepare my garden for underlay?

Preparation is key when it comes to installing your artificial grass underlay, failure to properly level and apply the right base materials to the surface can result in a lumpy uneven garden.

If you are installing over soil, you are going to want to remove the top layer then compact it down. You’ll also need to remove any weeds, unless you want them poking through! For installation over concrete or other hard surfaces, ensure the area is free from any loose dirt or rubble.

Once the area is prepared, you can go ahead and lay a suitable artificial grass underlay. We have also put together this handy guide if you want some more information about how to install your grass.