Why Our Delivery is Different

Why Our Artificial Grass Delivery is Different


When you order your artificial grass from us, you can expect not only the best quality product on the market, but also an exceptional delivery service developed with your best interests in mind.


Normally, a cut of grass leaves the supplier warehouse, passing through one or multiple distribution centres en-route to your home address. This means it’s loaded / offloaded from lorries several times before it reaches you, by 3rd party staff not trained in the specialist handling of artificial grass.


We weren’t happy about the lack of control we had over the safety of our product once it left our warehouse, and spurred by issues in the supply chain that have arisen because of Covid-19, we decided to take matters into our own hands, and re-gain control of the delivery of goods end to end.


As such, we took the decision to invest in our own fleet of vehicles so we could deliver ourselves.


Why is this important?


  • Using our own staff and our own vehicles to deliver means your artificial grass doesn’t change hands once on its journey from our warehouse to the kerb outside your home.


  • All our staff, including our drivers, are experts in artificial grass. All our drivers have previous experience as store managers, warehousing or estimators. This means they are trained in the proper handling of artificial grass.


  • This means you, the customer, have the benefit of an expert arriving at your home and we welcome you to take advantage of this if you have any questions (of course, we’ll keep a safe distance)


  • As your order will not change hands, nor pass through several depots, this makes ours a safer delivery service in light of Covid-19. All our drivers exercise a no-contact, non-signed for, safe distance policy.


Not all delivery services are created equal


For us, all elements of the buying cycle are equally important, from taking your order, through to careful and safe delivery of your artificial grass, and aftercare support and customer services.


Buying your artificial grass from us ensures the following:


  • Proper handling of goods by industry experts
  • Avoidance of unnecessary handling
  • Avoidance of unnecessary loading / unloading between distribution centres
  • Avoidance of damage
  • Safe arrival of intact, undamaged goods


Believe it or not, most other artificial grass suppliers use 3rd party haulage companies with no specialist knowledge of handling artificial grass.


As most haulage companies deal with general, non-specialist deliveries treating your artificial grass with the care it deserves can often be overlooked. We’ve heard horror stories about courier depos dragging large rolls of artificial grass across warehouse floors and throwing rolls into vehicles resulting in damages through lack of care and attention, and even rolls going missing! We won’t stand for that.


Grass Warehouse use our own vehicles and drivers and have a reputation in handing artificial grass carefully.


Choose Grass Warehouse as your artificial grass supplier and ensure you have peace of mind that your artificial grass delivery arrives intact. Direct from our warehouse, your artificial grass may take a little longer to arrive but you’ll have the confidence that your order is being handled professional and with utmost care.


Avoid the pain and stress of having to return damaged artificial grass deliveries due to neglect by external delivery services and buy your artificial grass from a company that uses their own vehicles and drivers and has the knowledge and experience in how best care for your artificial grass during transit.

Disclaimer: 99% of deliveries are delivered by the Grass Warehouse fleet. In exceptional circumstances we cannot always guarantee this service. In this case we only use trusted partners who have been vetted and, like us, have the knowledge and training to handle artificial grass properly.